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Item: PlasmaDrive LED Driver Module
Model #: PD-V1-24
QTY: 1 (add more at checkout)
Price: $35-$38
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PlasmaDrive LED Driver Module

PlasmaDrive is a modular LED driver with 24 constant-current 20mA, common-anode LED outputs which can be used individually or combined to control up to 8 separate tri-color RGB LEDs or a mixture of both RGB and single-color LEDs. The outputs can be connected directly with your own wiring and LEDs or use our LED modules and accessories.

Each unit employs a microprocessor and LED Driver to provide precise control over each of the LED outputs. The device is programmable via USB and the provided application, with 76 memory slots for retaining the LED values, as well as fade and hold times for the programmed sequence. The device can also be controlled from your own software, writing values to the LEDs or memory slots as well as controlling playback functions.

This versatile LED controller is powered via Micro USB connector or another +5V source as selected by an on-board jumper or permanently via solder bridge. The programmed sequences are maintained in nonvolatile memory, so you can program the device, disconnect it, then later power the device from a regulated battery pack or other power source without losing the stored data. When power is later applied, the loaded sequence will automatically begin playback.

Use the PlasmaDrive to add color to your next project with our LED modules and / or with your own circuit or wiring. PlasmaDrive offers the flexibility of user-determined LED placement and functionality with the advanced features of an off-the-shelf product.



For indoor Use, Dry locations only.

Size: 1" x 1.5"

Power Requirements: Micro USB or External +5V @ 0.5 A max.

Output: 24 common-anode, constant-current 20mA outputs

Memory: On-board, 76 unique slots with adjustable hold and fade rates.

Get assembly instructions here.


Recommended Accessories

High Quality RGB LEDs: LED-RGB-CLV-8

Power Adapter: USB AC Adapter


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