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About Us:

LED heart lightwritingAt an early age, hanging around "The Shack" and other electronic wonderlands, LEDs appeared to us to be magical, casting light like a sorcerer. From their early days of emitting just a faint glow, to now becoming the replacement for conventional lighting fixtures, LEDs have come a long way, and so have we. But we still love LEDs, the creative uses, and the simple brilliance of it all. We are still close to our roots, blobbing solder onto LEDs and resistors, eager to enjoy the magic once more.

"We're not here to make millions, we're here to make magic. We'd like to sell you some wands." - Chuck

We have worked in the entertainment industry in a variety of capacities over the years, creating not only the technology, but also content for dazzling laser light shows, stunning special effects, and control equipment to bring it all together. We established a successful manufacturing and design house catering to some of the world's premiere theme park and entertainment specialists, as well as smaller endeavors, such as a local high school choir that wanted controllable LED lighting for their stage competitions. While we remain behind the scenes of the cutting edge entertainment tech, we thrive on the excitement of what is being accomplished on a more modest scale in people's garages and workshops. From prop-builders to costume designers, to innovators and artists, we hope to empower these kindred spirits with the tools to make their next project a success.

A while back, we began creating truly excellent LED lighting solutions. The lighting, intended for planetarium use, was well received and allowed us to push the boundaries of what LEDs were capable of. The excitement over these products raised interest among our friends and relatives, who all wanted some of the colorful lighting for themselves. So, in 2012, we designed the USB PlasmaTrim and launched it at, a crowd-funding site for people with interesting projects from many different categories. Our brief video granted us the funds to begin turning out PlasmaTrims. The project took much longer than it was expected to take, and with everything else that hit, it made for a very busy year with little chance to focus on the new endeavor.

The new shopWe've been busy, not just in filling orders and taking care of the major projects, but also laying out a road map that will allow us to leverage our other design assets for use in new and exciting ways. We have set up our new shop, and have begun manufacturing PlasmaDrive, a modularized version of the PlasmaTrim that will allow hobbyists, tinkerers, artists and students to use LEDs in fun and interesting ways. We manufacture our own lighting products in the USA, maintianing a high level of quality and consistency. You read that right, we actually make stuff. The image shows part of our assembly area, click it for a larger view.

While relatively easy to work with, to the uninitiated, proper control over LEDs can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal is to create products that are easy to assemble and easy to use, offering a high level of flexibility for embedding LEDs into projects that we've not even considered.

Have a very excellent day, and light something up!

-The Photon Factory