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How can I buy PlasmaTrim?

Is the software open-source?

Where can I download the software to program my PlasmaTrim?

What if I need help setting up my PlasmaTrim?

How much power does PlasmaTrim use?

How Many PlasmaTrims can I run off of a __________?

Can I write my own software to control the PlasmaTrim?

I want something that can provide a perfect and tunable white with a High CRI. Is the PlasmaTrim for me?

How can I synchronize Multiple PlasmaTrims so they all fade together?

I cannot access the forum to create an account, what is the actual code that should be entered to get past the security question?

Is the PlasmaTrim Waterproof?

If a product is listed as out of stock or pre-order only, how long will it take to get my order?

More to come?